Last quote price ERROR for TQQQ/SQQQ

Does anyone notice there’s error for last quote price of a stock/ETF ? Look for “askprice”, both TQQQ and SQQQ are 1.2 which definitely is wrong. Anyone encounter this problem for other symbol ?

{‘status’: ‘success’, ‘symbol’: ‘TQQQ’, ‘last’: {‘askprice’: 1.2, ‘asksize’: 10, ‘askexchange’: 9, ‘bidprice’: 97.53, ‘bidsize’: 1, ‘bidexchange’: 2, ‘timestamp’: 1592865429518000128}}
{‘status’: ‘success’, ‘symbol’: ‘SQQQ’, ‘last’: {‘askprice’: 1.2, ‘asksize’: 10, ‘askexchange’: 9, ‘bidprice’: 7.69, ‘bidsize’: 11, ‘bidexchange’: 2, ‘timestamp’: 1592865429272000000}}

I noticed that and it is also true for other symbols as well