Is an account setup under DACA possible?

I am new into algo-trading and currently trying to find the best API for stocks so I’ve taken interest in Alpaca.

I am currently under DACA meaning I have a US SSN, I am a US person per IRS guidelines, I have a work permit, I hold a job in the US legally, and I pay my taxes. Because of the how technically DACA works I am not however a US citizen, US permanent resident, or hold a visa. It is just essentially a valid work permit (politics…).

I am able to open brokerage accounts with several brokers and I am legally allowed to trade stocks. Currently setting one up with Interactive Brokers as a backup. But under my status it is difficult to get pass some account setups due to both being a US person per IRS purposes, but still lacking any of the previously mentioned documents as it is the case with Alpaca.

Is there a way for me to set up an account? Or am I just out of luck unless Alpaca opens up to an international market?

Thank you for reaching out and thank you for considering Alpaca as your brokerage platform. You won’t be disappointed.

There shouldn’t be any issues applying for an account. As long as you have a valid US address and US social security number you’ll be set to go.

Good luck.

Thank you for the reply Dan.

However, the problem is that the account creation UI does not allow me to proceed to completion. By signaling I am not US citizen I am prompted to select either “Permanent Resident” or “Visa” and there is not way to proceed without selecting one. As mentioned, my status grants me neither. The closest option seems to be Visa -> Other while using my work permit expiration date as the visa expiration date. This is often the default approach in online applications. However, I want to verify this complies with Alpaca’s terms and that I am not providing any sort of inaccurate information when opening an account.

Sorry for the problems setting up an account. We’ll look at the UI for account set up but it sounds like it doesn’t handle this situation well.

For now, please send a request to Explain your situation and maybe refer to this forum post. All that is really required is a verified US address and a social security number. Support should be able to get you set up and trading in no time.