I have a spreadsheet-where to get traiing books to dev an algo2trade?

I need to trade QQQ using my Excel spreadsheet formulas that forecast market direction based on the VIX/SPY variance correlation and the trend of QQQ. I want to paper trade. I read about Alpaca.ai in Howard Lindzon’s website. Loved the podcast with the Alpaca CEO: Awesome! I know a lot of FX/equity traders/wealth fund managers but want to go to the next level where I can paper trade an algo based on my spreadsheet.

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Hey @jumpman

I am linking two articles from Alpaca Learn below that might be of some interest as they focus on using Google Sheets along with Alpaca API to trade stocks.

Google Spreadsheet to Manage Your Stocks Using API

Operating a fully autonomous managed account with Alpaca and Google Sheet

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions,
Jason from Alpaca

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I copied that from the question I submitted as I am trying to do something similar using google sheets.