API Submit Order Google Sheets

Hi All,

I currently have a google sheet doc with all of the information required api.submit_order. I have roughly about 20 stocks I would like to submit orders for. I have connected my google sheets to google collab and the information is stored in panda. Is there a way that there is a loop to create - and submit orders based on the predefined information?

Hey @jumpman

I am linking two articles from Alpaca Learn below that might be of some interest as they focus on using Google Sheets along with Alpaca API to trade stocks.

Google Spreadsheet to Manage Your Stocks Using API

Operating a fully autonomous managed account with Alpaca and Google Sheet

Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions,
Jason from Alpaca

Hi, so I am using the precreated spreadsheet from the forum. I tried to update the spreadsheet to do a take profit however, I get an error. This is for the buy side. Do you know how I can add a take profit column to the buy side?

Hi Jason,
Thanks for posting the updated Google Sheets. Would it be possible to add Bracket Order functionality? I have seen documentation covering C#, Javascript & Python and to also have it in App Script would be really helpful. Thank you.