CSV file upload for orders


I request Alpaca to consider a feature for uploading the CSV file with order details.

One row of CSV is for one order. The columns within the CSV can be as below (or whatever else that Alpaca decides).

Column 1) Order_To (Buy / Sell / Short / Cover)
Column 2) Time_In_Force (Good-till-cancelled / Day)
Column 3) Ticker (whatever security e.g. AAPL, GOOG, MSFT …)
Column 4) Order_Type (Limit / Market)
Column 5) Quantity ( 10 / 100 / 1000 … whatever)
Column 6) Price (applicable for limit order. ‘null’ for market order)

In one file a trader can submit have 100s of rows. Perhaps after uploading CSV file, Alpaca should show what was received and ask for “Confirm”, and then go execute the orders.

This will be quite useful for traders who can generate all their orders in CSV format easily.

~ Salil

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Hey @Salil_Gangal, interesting request!

Have you seen our trading from Google Spreadsheet article? https://medium.com/automation-generation/manage-your-stocks-from-google-spreadsheet-using-api-43026db44289

We’re in the process of refactoring the article and putting out a v2 trading spreadsheet. I’ll update once that comes out! We’ll use some of your ideas from here :smiley:


Yes, I have seen it. Some traders might be comfortable to use “Google” cloud to store the sensitive/personal/private details such as Keys/Trades, but some may not be. I’m not, therefore use of Google Sheets is a non-starter for me.

I use AFL (Amibroker-formula-language), and VBA to generate whole lot of Orders in CSV format in single shot. Therefore wanted to pass along the idea where Alpaca will take-in the CSV file with the Order details. With one row of CSV representing one order, a trader can submit hundreds or thousands of orders using a single file upload rather than doing the hundred or thousand REST API calls.

If Alpaca can provide a simple way of accepting orders using a CSV it will be very useful.

My feeling is that Alapaca is thinking/focusing more on the Programming angle, and perhaps is not thinking as much from the Trading angle. For a trader, it’s very convenient to focus much more on ‘trading’, and not as much on ‘programming’.

As a trader, I will be very happy to work with a broker who will take-in my hundreds of orders in single shot, and will then the broker should go and execute those orders. – That’s it !!

Thanks for your interest/consideration.

~ Salil

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I second Salil_Gangal 's statement! I am a new customer migrating over from Quantconnect. My primary motive was being able to trade on Alpaca with spreadsheets. I cannot use my strategies if I have to manually press a button to execute individual trades. My fingers are not that fast!