How to upgrade my account to no delay data?

how to upgrade my account to no delay data?

I can’t find any phone for support, I already have account with delay.

Does my api key needs to be changed or what?

@sheep One can get full consolidated market data with no delay by subscribing to the “Unlimited” data plan. To subscribe, click on the small account avatar in the upper right corner of the account dashboard. A menu will drop down. Click on “Market Data Subscription”. Another page will open displaying the current data subscription (typically Free). To subscribe to the “Unlimited” plan click “Upgrade”. You will then be directed to a page where you can enter payment details. The new data subscription should take effect immediately. It’s associated with the account. No need to change API keys.

Note there is no requirement to use Alpaca data. I would urge you to explore other data providers and determine the best fit for you. Each has different pricing and options. Take a look at, Xignite, and Intrinio. You can also google “stock market data providers” for many other options.

Hope that helps.