Historical Data Delayed by One Day

I am currently using backtrader_alpaca_api for backtesting (with daily timeframe). I just realized that the historical data from alpaca has a delay of one day (p.s. I do have a funded alpaca money account).

For example, now is 6:50am EST. March 17, 2021. The historical 1-day OHCL data from alpaca is still up to March 15th, and I do not see the OHCL data on March 16.

Is it a common issue from alpaca, and you guys may encounter? Or is it from my mistake?


The v2 Alpaca data is still in beta and may not update at times. The expected behavior when it goes into production is to update no later than midnight for that trading day.

just pay for pro plan and work with delayed data for realtime trading algorithms lol. Thats where they went with their products sadly