How to get the 'APCA_API_KEY_ID' and then 'APCA_API_SECRET_KEY'?


I want to try the paper trade. How to get the ‘APCA_API_KEY_ID’ and then ‘APCA_API_SECRET_KEY’ ?


First, welcome to Alpaca!

The two API keys, APCA_API_KEY_ID and APCA_API_SECRET_KEY, can be viewed and/or regenerated from the account dashboard. Click the ‘View’ button on the right side next to ‘Your API Keys’. This will show the APCA_API_KEY_ID. To get a new set of keys click ‘Generate New Key’. As a security precaution the APCA_API_SECRET_KEY is only displayed once after it is regenerated. Ensure you copy it to a safe place. If it’s lost, the keys will need to be regenerated.

Hope that helps.

Hi Dan,

Thanks, I create the new keys.

Hi Dan,

I just read this article [1] and want to have a try. But I was asked to enter the API_SECRET and the APCA_API_BASE_URL. Where can I get them?



[1] FinRL/FinRL_PaperTrading_Demo.ipynb at master · AI4Finance-Foundation/FinRL · GitHub