GoLang SDK: No trade updates for Crypto


Can’t get trade updates for crypto orders/positions using the GoLand SDK.
The only events that seem to be streamed are canceled orders, whereas new, fill etc. doesn’t seem to be picked up by the handler.

Note: This works fine for regular stocks.

// Start the trade client
client := alpaca.NewClient(alpaca.ClientOpts{
	ApiKey:     "***",
	ApiSecret:  "***",
	BaseURL:    "https://paper-api.alpaca.markets",
	RetryLimit: 100,
	RetryDelay: 5 * time.Second,

handler := func(tu alpaca.TradeUpdate) {
	fmt.Printf("NEW EVENT: %+v\n", tu)

err := client.StreamTradeUpdates(context.Background(), handler)

Hi @torgrimss ,

Is this still the case?
Did you enable crypto on your account?
For better support, could you join our slack community?