First trade attempt error, cannot find stock


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Error is !Failed to get assert XX.US error: XX.US notfound [sic]
Error 055: No XX prices.

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Alpaca currently provides trading of stocks which are listed on the major US stock exchanges. A complete list of the ‘tradable’ stocks can be fetched using the [assets]( API.

Avante Logixx (ticker XX) is traded on the Toranto stock exchange and OTC in the US. It’s therefore not tradable on Alpaca.

It’s a good practice to look at, or have your algo look at, the assets list and ensure a stock is tradable before submitting orders.

Good luck.

Thanks but I think BB, traded on the NYSE, should be valid.

Karen Higgins

Yes, the symbol BB is valid and represents BlackBerry Ltd which, as mentioned, trades on the NYSE. One can trade this stock as ‘BB’. Is there an issue or error when trying to trade this stock?

Yes. I get an error from Zorro that Polygon cannot find BB.US.

I used symbol BB. So Zorro is apparently converting it to BB.US in a script that I cannot access.

I purchased it through a Python app. Looks like Zorro does not work with Alpaca.

Karen Higgins

Ah, I understand now. Applying the exchange suffix (US in this case) is a common way to uniquely identify stocks and/or tickers with the exchange or country they trade in. Alpaca doesn’t recognize that format unfortunately. This is the first time this has come up. I’ll submit a feature request to have stock XYZ and XYZ.US recognized as both the same stock.

Sorry this doesn’t however, solve your immediate problem.