First Day Live - Issues

Anyone made the switch from paper trading to live account? Having some critical issues:

  1. Orders placed do not show up on the live trading tab - orders from paper trading do.

  2. Situations were I would be filled 99% of the time on paper trading, I’m just being left behind in real trading (the price is within my stop-limit). Do low quantities of shares have less priority than higher?

  3. Is the URL (from paper-api to api) and the API key + secret the only changes needed to switch over from paper trading to the live environment?

UPDATE: Mostly REJECTION issues that I didn’t foresee when paper trading. Is there a particular reason why the paper trading module wouldn’t take these into consideration and simulate them?

Hi There!

I’m using live trading for first time, being using this buy order example from the documentation on paper account that worked perfectly, but now after switching to Live environment and updating my key/secret i’m not getting any response from Alpaca.

Here you can see snapshot of my buy orders implementation method,

Could you please point me to the right direction? Any examples on how to use the live account?


Hi Juan!

  1. What does the API say? Did the order went through? Was it filled?

  2. Shares are traded in lots, AFAIK, of 100 shares. Lots of size lesser than this are called odd lots. And lots for higher than this and not multiples of 100 are called mixed, as in composed by regular lots plus an odd one.

Venues/Brokers can and will treat odd lots differently: they are not bound by the same regulations regarding price and time to fill, and will usually keep them for themselves to find a matching order and keep the spread. This is entirely legal and out of our control.

For a better trading experience, I’d suggest sticking to 100s-sized lots whenever possible.

  1. AFAIK yes. I’ll edit this if I find myself wrong.



I’ve seen your ticket in our system and answered there.
Kind regards.