Does Alpaca plan on trading restrictions based on volatility?

In light of actions by other brokerages today, does Alpaca currently plan on restricting/banning trading on certain companies due to volatility?

volatility has nothing to do with it, alpaca is backed by hedge funds such as fathom capitol and spark capitol : Alpaca raises $10M Series A for its API-powered equities trading service – TechCrunch , they will do whatever the VCs tell them to do to the detriment of their customers, i plan on using interactive brokers instead.

Yeah, agreed. Definitely not volatility related. I just submitted a withdraw request for most of the cash in my account. This doesn’t fly with me.

I was so disheartened today when Alpaca did the same BS that Robinhood did.

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I agree. It will be interesting what comes out of Congressional hearing on Robinhood and other brokers. Disallowing buying forced the prices down, which was the objective.