Do you need subscription to use C# api

I am trying to use C# API

var barSet = await alpacaDataClient.ListHistoricalBarsAsync(
new HistoricalBarsRequest(symbol, from, into, BarTimeFrame.Minute).WithPageSize(1));

But I get error

Alpaca.Markets.RestClientErrorException: ‘your subscription does not permit querying data from the past 15 minutes’

I currently have a free plan

The error is pretty much self explanatory. The newest historical data you can request must be at least 15 minutes old. For example requesting data from a week ago up to yesterday should be fine, but up to now would not work, as that includes data from the past 15 minutes.

The Free plan has these limitations - you get only IEX data and are unable to request bars for the last 15 minutes. The Unlimited plan doesn’t have such limitations (but still has a request rate limit).

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