Free subscription does not provide data for last 15 mins


I just joined Alpaca and trying to access market data via Python. On the subscription page it says that free plan includes Real-Time market data, however when trying to send the request I am getting following response: your subscription does not permit querying data from the past 15 minutes

So does the free plan includes real-time data or not?

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I am receiving the same error message when trying to query hourly bar data.

df = api.get_bars(symbol, TimeFrame.Hour, yesterday, today, adjustment=‘raw’).df[symbol].

I only need the hour close data on the same day, so that is why the start and end days are only one day. I am just not sure what is causing the error.

Or is there a different way to query for Hour bars on alpaca?

I am getting a similar error. When I try to buy the market data subscription I get an ‘internal server error’.

Is it possible to get a community response to this error? I am trying to get 1-hour bar data but am receiving this error. I can query minute or day data with no problem.