Solutions for getting bars missing due to 15 minute historical delay

I’d like to combine the bars from historical data with bars obtained from real-time streaming to build a complete and current representation of intraday 1 minute charts. I understand that historical data does not include the most recent 15 minutes of data. Per this article How to Fetch Historical Data in Alpaca Market Data API v2 :
“There is a 15-minute delay for data to be classified as historical data.”

Is the only way to do this to collect 15 minutes of streamed real-time 1 minute bars, then combine those with historical bars?

This seems rather silly - I’d like to be able to boot up my application and immediately see all current bars from the last day instead of waiting 15mins to populate data. Is there any better way to achieve this?

Thanks for your time!

Just buy a cheap $9/month data subscription and forget about this 15 minutes delay issue.

That’s the answer I was looking for, thanks. Didn’t realize this was simply a limit of the free plan, thought it was a quirk of the system.

Can you explain how or where can I find market data subscription for 9$/month? According Alpaca Market Data Subscription is 99$/month, not cheap at all.

@dryhops Did you ever find a solution for this? I have an unlimited plan, but the data still seems to be delayed.

Apparently Alpaca changed the subscription from 9$ => 99$

That’s a huge change!