Date in position API is missing, how to deal with lots of shares for Tax purposes

Hey guys, I’d like to support a tax-friendly algorithm in Arcade Trader (in the USA if you hold stocks >1y, you pay capital gain vs income), but the Position API misses the dates when the position has been opened. Right now I should browse the orders back in time and try to understand which order opens a position. It could be complicated in case of multiple buy/sell. And anyway, I’d like to have the chance to sell the stocks I’m holding for a longer time vs the most recent. Other brokers allow deciding which lot you want to sell. Any plans to enrich Alpaca API with this?

I’m hitting the same issue as well. On longer plays, you tend to buy over time (average in). In the USA it’s beneficial to choose which tax lots you want to sell first either by explicitly choosing the tax lots or choosing from a cost basis strategy. Attached is a screenshot from Charles Schwab as an example if it helps