Order dates incorrect/not showing

Hi, on the latest Python SDK. This was purchased on the 23rd and looks correct through the web interface… I’m getting the same response for all equities purchased. This is for my paper account, I suspect live is showing the same (I haven’t been able to look yet but it seems like the reason for my 4-day max not working)

Equity(a8e3a5b0-0fd3-49ed-97cd-3e08563f2023 [ATHX])
first_traded: None
start_date: 2020-04-26 00:00:00-04:100   < Clearly wrong, a Sunday

Accessing through context.portfolio.positions

I am a bit confused as your first line says Python SDK but context.portfolio.positions sounds like you are asking about pylivetrader. If the latter, can you try list_positions() of the REST method and see if it still shows something unexpected?

Sorry, yes, through pylivetrader. I was assuming that the portfolio.positions call is a proxy to/through the Alpaca API. I will give that a try tomorrow.

Here’s what I get. I don’t see a purchase date associated with it:

    'asset_class': 'us_equity',
    'asset_id': '4aebf6c4-84fa-4808-81b3-8f83abbb4e6e',
    'avg_entry_price': '128.23',
    'change_today': '-0.0000764467548353',
    'cost_basis': '256.46',
    'current_price': '130.8',
    'exchange': 'NASDAQ',
    'lastday_price': '130.81',
    'market_value': '261.6',
    'qty': '2',
    'side': 'long',
    'symbol': 'WIX',
    'unrealized_intraday_pl': '-0.02',
    'unrealized_intraday_plpc': '-0.0000764467548353',
    'unrealized_pl': '5.14',
    'unrealized_plpc': '0.0200421118303049'

Are multiple purchases at different dates lumped into a single position? That could get tricky if you’re trying to avoid PDT (which is what I’m trying to do)

Yes, this is a conslidated level of position at the symbol level. We have backlog item to expose lower level position for each transaction.


Any news about when the purchase date will be added to the position details ?. I’d like to use it to avoid PDT.