Crypto Transfer

Is it possible to transfer my crypto from to Alpaca?

Hi @REakins

Yes, as long as you whitelist the address beforehand and the destination address is cleared by our upstream KYT provider, We currently support Bitcoin, Ether, and Solana deposits and withdrawals each on their respective blockchains. We plan to roll out support for many more assets and chains relatively soon, and we are offering wallets in a limited set of state jurisdictions. We currently support users in the following US states: California, Massachusetts, Montana, Missouri, Maryland, Kansas, North / South Dakota, North Carolina, and Iowa. For more detail feel free to check out our FAQ if you think that might help.

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I attempted to transfer some Ether from I validated the address and etherscan shows the transaction as completed but nothing shows up in my account. Does it take a while to show up in my account, or did something mess up?

Hello! Mahmoud here from Alpaca. Have the funds showed up in your account?

No, they have not showed up.

can you email Support on ? they will take a look at your account and see where the funds are.

Hello @torpedoted, the funds have been credited to your account, apologies for the delay.