Crypto fills, or lack thereof

I just cracked the nut on Alpaca today and since it’s after hours I figured I’d test some crypto trades. To my surprise I couldn’t get a single limit order filled. The price would move up and down over the limit order, but never filled. I tried a market order and see that the fill represents some ridiculous spread the likes of which I’ve never seen outside of private exchanges. What’s the deal? I’m assuming my limit orders aren’t filling because the orders are in tiny pools, and not in the exchanges. Is this accurate?

Also, is there still a Discord channel for Alpaca Crypto discussions?

Hello @gitanu,

Firstly, thank you for using Alpaca Crypto, this issue hasn’t been reported to us by any customer thus-far, if you could indicate this issue for us with screenshots i’d be happy to take a deeper look into this. Nevertheless, out current market maker and parter is FTXUS which is one of the top class crypto exchanges with large liquidity, so our orders get filled almost immediately when price reaches the point, please make sure you’re looking at your price data from mentioned exchange. Moreover, orders of our customers are routed immediately to the exchange as long as it’s accepted in Alpaca and do not sit in any liquidity pool.

As far as the spread, we have recently announced a new structure for crypto trading that aims for more transparency as well as a convenient one so make sure you check this out!
Lastly, we do have discord channel and a slack community channel for crypto discussions and news you can check it out here! Thanks.