Crypto deposit stock at pending

Made a test deposit with USDC some days ago and its still on PROCESSING. What do i need to do to get it unstock?

I have a instant transfer bank deposit that is stuck in “queued” for the past day, usually the funds are added in under 5 minutes. Is Alpaca having issues related to deposits in general? Would be great if someone from Alpaca could let us know if there are issues right now.

This may be off topic but I wonder if it’s related. It seems they’ve been doing some things to the UI lately. Same UI issue happened a few days ago but they seemed to have reverted the changes. Now the changes are back again since yesterday. It’s always revealing my API key on the dashboard and the page formatting for the order confirmation page expands to fill half the screen when it didn’t before.

I wonder if they were trying some things and broke something, don’t know if it’s all related but some clarity about what is going on from staff would be helpful.