Converting Scalping Example to Bracket method

Been working on using the scalping code as a base for Market order scalping, eventually
to be setup with percentage values, but for now fixed amounts till I know it works
consistently in paper-api.

In the logging that is part of the scalping example, I ‘get request body format is invalid’
as the exception error. I have attempted to add the logging code to the API code
so I could see what is being sent to the URL, but It doesn’t seem to log this.

If there is another way I can log what gets sent to the endpoint, I would be able to
root this issue out. So I would say I’m looking for an example of a working scalping setup with bracket orders, or a method to examine what is going to the alpaca endpoint in order to correct the source of this issue.

Thanks for any assistance


You can try enable DEBUG logging.

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Thanks, I’ll check this out