Confusion on profit/loss and position before moving to Live from Paper trading

I was testing my algo in paper account and the algo made consistent profit for a week without a loss in single day. Since it was a test run I didn’t cared about everything but just the equity section in the paper trading account, which was consistently rising. This week I am minutely observing the numbers and having some confusion so wanted to clear them out before moving to real account. Basically I have two questions which are detailed below.

  1. I reset my paper account yesterday with default $100,000 and my buying power was $200,000. I ran the my algorithm for full market time and made a profit of about $191 which is about 0.19%. Which was correctly showing yesterday. But now, while the market is closed, the account is showing as picture below with escalated buying power whereas a loss of 39.34 %. How to interpret this ?

  2. My algorithm may keep some positions for few minutes while others for few days. Is it just normal to trade in such fashion ? Because some of my positions were not closed yesterday the point 1 above have occurred. How does it affect my trading profit ?

Thanks in advance