Cant request multiple symbols

Why can’t I request multiple symbols in the new V2 HistoricalRequest? In the ‘old’ V1 BarSetRequest I could send an array of symbol names and partition request of all symbols within the 200 request per minute limit. (~96 calls). We are evolving backwards if this is to force upgrade to Pro.

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I upgraded to pro and I also can’t request multiple symbols. this is so frustrating

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Wow so it’s not available on Pro either… is someone from Alpaca going to fix this?


Does someone is going to address this issue?
The time to pull bars for a group of symbols is now substantially longer…


Hey @dynamic3,

We are aware of the interest in requesting multiple symbols on v2 and it is on the roadmap, however, we cannot give an exact timeline currently.


Hey @Abel_Alpaca I’m curious if there’s any update on the timeline? Thanks!

Hi @masterzzzen, yes we do support this - please check documentation here: Historical Data | Alpaca Docs

Hey @Abel_Alpaca
Thanks for the response. I tried it but it doesn’t work.
I tried both

from pprint import pprint
import requests

headers = {}
headers['APCA-API-KEY-ID'] = os.environ.get('APCA_API_KEY_ID')
headers['APCA-API-SECRET-KEY'] = os.environ.get('APCA_API_SECRET_KEY')

market_data_base_url = ""

v1_path = "/v1/bars/minute?symbol=AAPL,AMZN,CMCSA"
full_url_v1 = market_data_base_url + v1_path
res = requests.get(full_url_v1, headers=headers)

v2_path = "/v2/stocks/bars?limit=2&timeframe=1Min&symbols=AAPL,AMZN,WMT"
full_url_v2 = market_data_base_url + v2_path
res = requests.get(full_url_v2, headers=headers)

full_url_v1 returned

{‘code’: 42210000, ‘message’: ‘at least one symbol is required’}

full_url_v2 returned

{‘bars’: {‘AAPL’: [{‘c’: 164.98,
‘h’: 164.98,
‘l’: 164.74,
‘n’: 37,
‘o’: 164.74,
‘t’: ‘2022-03-01T09:00:00Z’,
‘v’: 534,
‘vw’: 164.928764},
{‘c’: 164.9,
‘h’: 165.01,
‘l’: 164.9,
‘n’: 25,
‘o’: 165.01,
‘t’: ‘2022-03-01T09:01:00Z’,
‘v’: 1326,
‘vw’: 164.927247}]},
‘next_page_token’: ‘QUFQTHxNfDIwMjItMDMtMDFUMDk6MDE6MDAuMDAwMDAwMDAwWg==’}

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