Can't create individual account in Canada

I am a resident and citizen of Canada. When trying to create an individual account, Canada is not present in the list of countries. Why? Can’t I create an account if I am from Canada?



I’d also like to see support for Canada :+1:


I’m Canadian and trying to create an account as well. I cannot get past the identification part of step 3, it says “Thank you, That’s all we need to start verifying your identity” but I can’t close that window and I’m not sure if my application went through or not.

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We Canadians need some love from Alpaca pls


Yes, That’d be great… Anyone from Alpaca to answer this pls?


Was anyone else here even able to create an individual account?

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Hello! We are currently not accepting accounts from Canada. We are working tirelessly to expand our global coverage and this thread definitely helps us in prioritizing account opening from Canadian residents.

Financial regulation buddy like we can’t open a TradeZero account now. T

Is it possible to create a corporate account in Canada? Not individual? Tx

just wanted to add a +1 for this request

… though I also understand it might not be so obvious for the provider, as the service probably needs to be compliant with local (Canadian and perhaps even Provincial) securities regulations.

+1 …still waiting and hoping to get an answer for a timeline