Cannot cancel an order - "order_id not found" even though it's correct

I’m trading on a paper account using Python interface to API. I get a list of all open orders and get order_id for each. Then I’m trying to cancel some orders but API fails to do that, for example:

Found open buy order for LIND, order ID “f00cb441-0f76-4173-b35c-c6aaba4ec8a9”
Making API call REST.cancel_order(“f00cb441-0f76-4173-b35c-c6aaba4ec8a9”)
Failed to cancel order “f00cb441-0f76-4173-b35c-c6aaba4ec8a9”, API response (exception value): “order not found for f00cb441-0f76-4173-b35c-c6aaba4ec8a9”

What am I doing wrong?

BUT I tried to submit orders with my custom order_id and then cancel them. Still no luck. I’m only able to cancel all orders, but not single orders by their order_id.