Cancel all the open orders using Python API

How can I close all the open orders using python API? A Python equivalent of this link!

If using the python alpaca-trade-api-python SDK one can cancel all orders with the cancel_all_orders method something like this

# Imports we need. 
import alpaca_trade_api as alpacaapi

# Set endpoints for either live or paper trading

# Get a reference to a a rest object

# Cancel all orders.

One can check if the orders actually canceled by listing all open orders. The result should be an empty list.

open_orders_list = api.list_orders(status='open')

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worked like a charm, thanks!

We have stop_price which is an input parameter for the stopping condition. Is there a way to get the closing price on the closed orders?

thanks alot for this!
much helpful

is it possible to cancel all outstanding orders and/or all positions at a specific time?
like at 1630hrs., at the very last minute of the trade?

make a cron job…