Automatic handling of a satisfied maintenance call

Here’s my motivation so you could understand where does my feature request come from: Last morning, I received a maintenance margin call saying

Your account … incurred a House Call for trade date 01/07/2021 in the amount of $1,183.83.
Due Date : Monday, 01/11/2021.
Please take one of the following actions :
• Deposit of cash in entire amount of call
• Sale (close) of margin-eligible securities held in account

I closed some of my positions as soon as trading started on Friday Jan 08, and that satisfied the above requirement. However, my account remained restricted to liquidation only for the entire trading day even though I had a large positive Excess Margin all day.

Now, the feature request itself: It looks like you have a bot that restricts the account once it runs out of margin, but you DON’T have a bot that would lift the restriction once the margin requirement has been satisfied. Could you please create such a bot to check automatically and in real time (not only overnight!) for satisfied House Calls. Thanks.