Asset Validation

Validation Question 2020-10-19T04:00:00Z

I am taking a look at the company information available from the polygon api via the Alpaca python sdk.
This academic research comes as a personal project while furloughed due to Covid-19 related job security issues. While working through the data I found the following error and thought it was of note. Out of 9000 assets this was the only asset that gave me a validation error:

(Asset({ ‘class’: ‘us_equity’,
‘easy_to_borrow’: False,
‘exchange’: ‘NASDAQ’,
‘id’: ‘c2963936-2b0f-4eae-a0cc-dc28d3b33885’,
‘marginable’: True,
‘name’: ‘Zoom Video Communications, Inc. Class A Common Stock’,
‘shortable’: False,
‘status’: ‘active’,
‘symbol’: ‘ZM’,
‘tradable’: True}),
ValidationError(ValidationError (Asset:None) (Invalid scheme in URL: : [‘logo’]),))]

The logo appears not to be set.

‘logo’: ‘’

Thank you for the excellent API.