Asset HTZGQ is not tradable

How can we sell HTZGQ it was HTZ??




Price per share



Market SELL
12/04/2020 10:53 AM



Stocks that become “un-tradable” through the API can often be liquidated via the web portal. In this case, Hertz Global Holdings (HTZ) was de-listed on 10-3-2020 and became “un-tradable” through Alpaca’s normal processes and the API. However, it still trades over the counter (OTC) and can be traded through other channels.

Go to the web portal overview page. The portfolio positions are listed and to the right of each position there is an X. Click on the X.

A dialog box will pop up asking if you wish to liquidate your position. Click “Confirm Liquidation”. That should do it. Note this only works on the portfolio page. Un-tradable stocks cannot be liquidated from the “positions” page or through the normal process of entering an order. Just a system limitation at the moment.

However, if that for some reason fails, submit a support ticket to and it can be handled manually.

Thanks much, it got liquidated by support.

I have this now in my paper account - HZAC. I’ve tried this, but can’t get rid of it.

This doesn’t work Its says not tradable.