Anyone using Matlab with API V2?



Alpaca SDK Version
I am not using an SDK, just the API V2 over http.

Other Environment Details
I am running Matlab 2019b.


There are curl examples using headers to pass keys. I am looking for a way to do the same thing in matlab with the Header Field Class and Field Package.

Paper or Live Tradng?
I am using Paper trader.

Example Code
H ='Test-Name','media-type; APCA-API-KEY-ID=<KEY>; APCA-API-SECRET-KEY=<KEY>')

more of a question you should ask metlab people {how to send headers over https}
or look into other ways

Yes. I ended up asking mathworks. They are going to get back to me about it.

You could make your own connection if you know a way to make basic calls to a http connection through GET or POST you know like ?a=text&b=text

and just wright all that in php and wrap it in WinNMP (then again i program in php)

Mathworks got back to me. Here is the solution.

url = “https://{apiserver_domain}/v2/account”;
options = weboptions(‘HeaderFields’,{‘APCA-API-KEY-ID’ ‘{YOUR_API_KEY_ID}’;‘APCA-API-SECRET-KEY’ ‘{YOUR_API_SECRET_KEY}’});
data = webread(url,options);

This works for authentication in Matlab 2019b.

Nice to know that you’re dedicated to post a solution thank you for that even though I don’t use Matlab I could appreciate the content