Adding an owner to a business account

Hi, I am the sole account holder on an Alpaca business account. I am not the only owner in the company and I need to give my partner access to the account in case something happens to me. so two questions

  1. how do i safely give them access to the alpaca account (their own login ideally)

  2. How do i add them on the record as an officer/owner of the company so they have legal access to the account.



Very good question. Business accounts were modeled after individual accounts as we tried to get this type of account out to our users as soon as possible. Unfortunately, this restricts access to only a single ‘user name’ and ‘password’. We recognize that business accounts typically require multiple users, with separate logins, and separate account privileges. Those are on our roadmap and certainly are coming.

In the meantime, and again working within the individual account framework, multiple users can ‘legally’ access the account with a Limited Power Of Attorney. The business entity would grant one or more individuals the ability to act on the business’s behalf. Contact support at They will then initiate an electronic form through a service called HelloSign to begin that process.

As far as the mechanics of how to access the account, for now, business accounts have a single username and password just like individual accounts. As mentioned, it’s on our roadmap (hopefully soon) to provide for multiple users and potentially permissions (ie read only, trade, etc).

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