Account banking ACH vanished (UI)

I deposited money via ACH (bank of america), it worked fine. Now the UI changed and all the options are gone!!!

What is going on? How is it now possible to withdraw or deposit money?

grateful for feedback!

Hi @wfskmoney - Are you using the Trading API, or the Broker API?

Just the UI. There was a PLAID UI to deposit / withdraw. Now that seems to have been replaced by another provider and there is no button/function available to withdraw.

Hi there - we have put it back in, but there is a new provider coming to offer deposits. Please let me know if you are able to see the ACH tab now!

@Mallory …unfortunately, it doesnt appear in my UI. (note that my tax residency is Switzerland, but I do have USA bank accounts at BOA).

Hi @wfskmoney - we are working on restoring this for folks outside of the US that previously had an ACH relationship. Keep an eye on this to be deployed by the end of the day today!

thank you @Mallory. I can see the Ach tab now.

however the max I can withdraw is 300 usd! is this another bug?

when I try to use the wire out instead, it says “you can only connect one account”.

so as of now I cannot access my money and am completely blocked.

do I have to write an extra ticket to support to be able to withdraw my money? this is really scaring me as a user

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