Wrong filled qty reported for closed OCO sell orders

I have a dozen or so closed orders with a wrong reported order.filled_qty over the last few days. In all cases, this happened with OCO sell orders. Here is a recent example. Today at 09:07:07 CDT I placed a buy order for 347 HIBS (this is LIVE trading) and it was filled. Then at 09:10:04 CDT I placed an OTO sell order with

'qty':         347,
'take_profit': {'limit_price': 11.52},
'stop_loss':   {'stop_price':  11.45,
                'limit_price': 11.44}

1 1/2 minutes later, the ‘take_profit’ leg of the order was filled with the entire qty of 347, as shown in my order log. The ‘stop_loss’ leg was cancelled the same moment. However, the order log shows (incorrectly!) that the ‘stop_loss’ leg was partially filled with a qty of 147 and price of $11.52. This actually didn’t happen, and it couldn’t have, because I have short selling turned off in my account. Why does this happen? Please help, as this incorrect reporting messes up my algo that pulls the orders from the web site and relies on the information it receives. Like I said, I’m given just a single example here, but the same this has happened to me more than 10 times in the last few days.

Here it goes again. These are two legs of the same sell order that are OCO = One Cancels Other, so they cannot be executed simultaneously. And they didn’t. Actually only the top order was filled. BUT my account page shows incorrectly that the other one was filled partially. Which it didn’t. What’s much worse, the API returns the same info as is shown here. So my algo get the information that I bought a quantity of 733 and then sold 733 + 209, and now it believes that I am 209 stocks short. This is quite a mess. Alpaca guys, could you please fix this!

And again, today Aug 4, Central time shown. Bought 260 SOXS (real trading) and sold 260, but the log also shows a FAKE partially filled order for 100. It was a stop-loss leg of the same sell OCO order, and it was NOT filled or even ever active, but it’s shown as if it was partially filled. Please fix this, it’s very annoying!