Solution to limit orders not being filled because of rapid price movement?

I’m finding that some limit orders don’t get filled because the price has already moved too far away. Is there a way to submit a OCO limit order (e.g. $10) and a stop order at a higher price ($10.03) or market order in case the limit price is missed?
I’ve tried stop loss orders, but in real time they seem to execute at a higher price when compared a simultaneously placed limit order.

Response from Alpaca Support:
Currently OCO orders such as this would currently only be supported for exit orders. As in closing an existing position but not opening a new one.

Please feel free to reach back out if you would like to discuss further. Please also take a look at the orders page for more information. You may consider a stop limit order and see if this suits your needs better.

if you look back in my post ive talked about a price collar, try increasing the price of your buy or sell orders by 3-6% let me know if that helps

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A potential solution is to do something like the following:

order = api.submit_order(symbol, quantity, side, ‘limit’, ‘gtc’, limit_price = price)


api.replace_order(order_id =, limit_price = 999)

This should attempt a limit order first, wait 3 seconds, and then if it isn’t filled it’ll guarantee a buy with a high limit price… if the limit order went through, it shouldn’t place a new limit order. I’ll give it a go tomorrow, see if it works out.

Update: works perfectly

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if you need anything else let me know !




I put limit price and stop price to get in the trade and then also set up the exiting with profit taker price and stop price.