Why am I getting "signature is invalid (Code = 40110000)" error?

With my oAuth access token with live trading, the following call succeeds:

GET https://api.alpaca.markets/v2/positions/MSFT

However the following call fails:

GET https://data.alpaca.markets/v1/last/stocks/MSFT

with error: signature is invalid (Code = 40110000)

It has been working for a week or so, then it started producing above error. Thought there might be a problem with the access token. So I regenerated one. Still getting the same error.

What does this error actually mean?

This morning it (data.alpaca.markets) started throwing this error:

403 Forbidden

403 Forbidden


Yes, I got this message too few time on paper account

I think these errors are because two certificates are presented, one of which is invalid (CN=Kubernetes Ingress Controller Fake Certificate).

Today, the alpaca support responded to my email regarding this error. They fixed the issue and it is now working for me.