Where is the list of approved MFA authenticator apps?

I have not been able to find the list of MFA authenticator apps that are recommended or approved for Alpaca. I have tried google authenticator, but it refuses to read the QR code. Can someone point me to the appropriate documentation page for this. Right now I am getting the codes from the Alpaca app itself on my Phone, but this does not seem the correct way to operate.
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@torobot Any authenticator app should work especially Google Authenticator. What type of error are you getting when you say “it refuses to read the QR code”?

I personally have tried several times setting up with Authenticator and it worked flawlessly each time. I simply got to the point in the Alpaca setup where the QR code displayed on my computer, opened the Authenticator app on my phone, pointed it at the 2D barcode, and within a second or two the account was set up.

Can you take a screenshot and print the barcode? Maybe Authenticator would read a printed copy better?

I also can’t login with the qr code, and I’ve tried two phone numbers, one US and one HU, didn’t get a text on either.

@Michael_Sparks When you say “I also can’t login with the qr code” what does that mean? Could you list the steps you are doing. The QR code doesn’t log in directly. That is simply used to set up a 3rd party authenticator app.

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Thanks Dan, I was mostly wanting to make sure that the Google authenticator app was supported. I was able to get this resolved by logging out and back in to Alpaca, disabling the MFA authentication and starting over. Google authenticator read the QR code with no issues and I’m able to log in using the codes generated by the app.

@torobot Glad to hear it worked out.