Using free account can I trade NASDAQ/AMEX stocks under $1?

I found few posts tackling this topic broadly, but I specifically want to know if a free account on Alpaca offers trading stocks under $1 that are listed on major exchanges such as NASDAQ and AMEX (not OTC)?

Note: I dont know how to use Api commands, prompts, etc to check for myself as a reply in one previous post suggested.

@abdul10000 First, welcome and a bit of clarification. All accounts on Alpaca are free. The only fees are mandatory regulatory fees as outlined in Alpaca’s fee schedule. What you may be referring to is the market data which Alpaca offers? That is completely separate from trading on Alpaca. One doesn’t need to use Alpaca market data to trade, and conversely, one doesn’t need to trade on Alpaca to use the market data.

To answer your question about “trading stocks under $1 that are listed on major exchanges”. Yes, one can trade almost any exchange listed security on Alpaca. Simply go to the Alpaca dashboard and enter in the order information in the right hand ‘order widget’ as shown below. Type in a symbol to check if it’s a tradable stock.