Stocks offered by Alpaca

I am thinking of opening an account on Alpaca, but the thing is I usually trade small cap stocks (let’s say max 700 million market cap). Are these stocks offered on Alpaca or are they too small? I couldn’t find a list of the securities they offer…

Hi Yannick! You can always retrieve the list of assets we offer via

  1. the GET/v2/assets endpoint which should print out all the assets we offer and whether they are trade-able, fractionable, …
  2. The dashboard by searching for the asset you are interested in (both paper and live)

Hope that helps! Please reach out if you need anything else!

To follow up on what @mahmoud_alpaca posted, One can trade virtually any exchange traded stock on Alpaca. If it trades on a US exchange you can trade it on Alpaca. Currently, Over-The-Counter (OTC) stocks cannot be traded but those are in the works.