User Changing Email

If a user wants to change their email in the trading app, can the user change it directly in the settings with 2FA? Or should the user email our admin and we edit it on the Alpaca Broker Dashboard?

Kindly advise, thanks!

Hi @HowardLeong_START
You can change it from user’s dashboard from this page:


We are building a trading app, and we are wondering if there are any restrictions from Alpaca that disallow users to change their email in-app. Basically, as a tech partner of Alpaca, can we allow our users to change their email in the app, or do they have to email our admin for such changes?

Let me know if the question is clear. Thanks!

Hi @HowardLeong_START

aah ok, i thought you are asking for trading account.
if it’s for brokerage account (your users), yes we are allow you to have that function in your app.

you can refer to this endpoint: PATCH /v1/accounts/{account_id}

here is a more detail in our docs: Account | Alpaca Docs

wonderful, thanks Radzi!