Unknown asset 358CVR025 in my portfolio

I have an asset symbol named “358CVR025” in my positions that has a positive quantity value but no price, market value, or cost basis. This is on a live trading account.

On the web platform the Price, Market Value, and Cost Basis all say “-”.

In my Python program, the price and market value are None, and the cost basis is ‘0’.

I believe this was asset FREQ, which shows a MA status on my activity page (which I believe is merger/acquisition) on February 13th.

Is that correct, and how long will it take before these shares are tradeable again?

Thank you.

@Orthocopter The symbol 358CVR025 represents a "non-transferable Contingent Value Right " which was the result of a Frequency Therapeutics, Inc. corporate action on November 3, 2023. There is a bit more here. Since it’s non-transferable it has no market value and is why the price and cost basis are “-”.

You will need to contact the company or do a bit of research for the specifics rights this provides. It won’t generally ever become tradable again. Hope hat helps.

Hi Dan,

Thank you that is very helpful!