Unable to sell position in NXTD

In my paper account, I am unable to sell my position in NXTD.
I’ve placed dozens of trades successfully before, and this is the first symbol that gives me an error.
It fails both using the UI of the web site, and also via the API.

Via the API I get status 403 trying to sell it, even though I have many more shares than I’m trying to sell. The body of the API response is the following, even though I’m not trying to short. I’m only trying to sell 1 of many shares I’m holding. I believe this is a bug on Alpaca’s end, and it makes me worry about transitioning to live trading.

“code”: 40310000,
“message”: “account is not allowed to short”

One thing that looks different about NXTD is when I call the /positions API, it returns “asset_marginable” as false. For all my other positions “asset_marginable” is true. I’m not sure why that is, or whether it gives a clue as to what’s causing the error.

We need to update the asset ID on this due to the reverse split. We should have this updated by the end of the day today.

You should be able to sell now