Trailing Stop and Stop Loss

Hi, in my strategy design, I need to monitor an open position with a stop loss together with a trailing stop (i.e. if it hit the stop loss price, I exit; otherwise, when it hit the trailing stop price, start the trailing stop; when it drops from the hwm with a trailing offset, I exit). Looking at the document, for OCO orders, it looks like it only support the loss/profit pair. Can I have a OCO order with the loss/trailing pair, or do I have to maintain this myself? Thanks!

@licaili193 That type of order logic would need to be handled by your algo.

Hi, thanks for your reply. So I need to send the short order (if the original order is a long) exactly when my program thinks we should exit, right? I cannot submit two short orders after submitting the first open long order because it would cause a net short position. Is that correct?