Trail stop orders not being filled immediately (Paper Trading)

I have basically created a python alpaca trading bot which is supposed to use algorithmic strategies to make trades. Recently I have implemented trailing stop orders which I heard are really useful in algorithmic trading. But the only problem is that the order doesn’t always fill. I see orders that have been made in the morning around 7:40 AM PST and are still not filled as of the time I am writing this post (10:16 AM PST). I was just wondering if others have also experienced this issue and how can I fix this? I have attached an image with my order history.

Here is my code (Python):

    order = api.submit_order(

Hi i had this problem initially becouse i was not deleting the limit sell order. Now i can see that somtime the trailing sell orders are being held or sometimes ignored but it’s a bit random.

Oh alright, is there any way to make these orders consistent so it doesn’t randomly keep doing this?

That’s a good question ! haven’t found any solution.