TradingView Chart Trading

Greetings all.
I’m still getting my head around Python and coding. So I thought I would start to papertrade using TradingView connected to Alpaca.
All seems OK, but there isn’t a field for Stop Loss and Take profits. -It’s in paper trading via Tradingview, but when I switch accounts to Alpaca paper, those fields disappear…

Does anyone know if that feature is coming soon ??


Hi Rex
I’m also having the same issue. Did anyone respond or did you find how to activate the “Stop Loss” and “Take Profit” fields in the order window?

Unfortunately no, no info, no update, no support.

Sadly, I was very excited to be able to trade equities using Trading View…

If you find out anything, please let me know.


I am also interested in this feature.

There are a lot of requests for this feature, and we are prioritizing it. Hopefully we can give more updates soon…

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How complicated can this be? Alpaca already supports bracket orders through code. I won’t use Alpaca for trading until bracket orders are enabled in Tradingview.