Timeframe of less than one minute

I need more frequent history data than 1Min. Perhaps 1Sec, 5Sec, and 15Sec? Is there an alternative way I could get my hands on such data?


no you dont, it sounds like you need to account for more things. like whats happening over 60 sec. (Dont think sooner rather then never )

things to think of, a good way to start

  1. dont dump all you money in at once (wait about a min for each investment “3%” on lets say $100)
  2. wait (look for investments after you see the hurd) a safe time to thro out there if your new to all of this is around 9:40 - 10 to start looking for investments
  3. sell on top of a gain, to never make a loss.
    if gain is < 10%
    if gain is over 10
    if gain is over 20

…and so on
4. look outside the box (dont try to throw your money in faster then the normal average )
5. SS-HD, Bandwidth, hardware

This would be helpful, any update on this?