1-second ticker for either crypto or stocks

Hello community!

I’m starting out with Alpaca API and really love the product so far. My algorithm is trained to act on 1-second ticker, which I originally build for Binance API. However, if I’m trying the examples provided by the documentation here (Getting Started | Alpaca Docs), I only get the response once a minute. Am I missing something? Or is 1-second ticker is not available at all?

Thanks a lot!

@Vi_A One minute bars are the shortest resolution Alpaca provides. You don’t need to use Alpaca data and may be able to find a 3rd party data provider which has short bars. You can always stream the actual trades which have sub-second latency (ie not bars).

Thanks @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca for the fast response. In my case, the algorithm is dependent on small intervals, even 15 seconds might play a difference. The 3rd party data might be interesting only if Alpaca subscribe to the same vendors. Do you have any suggestions which one can I use? I’ve seen Polygon few times in the forum posts, is there any others Alpaca is using for their market API?

In addition, what exactly do you mean by “stream the actual trades”? Is there an Alpaca API endpoint which I can use for monitoring real-time price changes?