Tick size - how to get (Convert currency vs ticks)


I’m building an application and I wish to add the ability to convert between

For now, I try to convert to/from quote currency to ticks, using the ‘tick size’, but I can’t find a way to got this information with the Alpaca API.

Do you have any idea ?

@demez.christophe Perhaps I don’t exactly understand the question? For US Equities the minimum tick size is $.01 (ie the minimum displayed price change, or resolution, of a quote). If a quote changes by $.02 then one could say that was a change of ‘2 ticks’. I personally don’t hear that term used a lot but it traditionally has been used. Investopedia has a bit of info on ticks here. So for US Equities, if one want to convert currency to ticks simply divide by .01. If for example a quote or trade increases by $.03 then that would be ‘3 ticks’.

Is that the question?

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Thanks @Dan_Whitnable_Alpaca , indeed it is what I’m looking for ( ick size refers to the smallest increment in which a security can trade), I wish to got this information from the API, but can’t find it.

I know that there are some general rules for each kind of instrument, but I also think that there are some exceptions. For example, if I look for LHA on EURONEXT, I got 0.002, but there are a lot of examples… like cryptos etc…

BTW: I’m also looking for the min/max quantities (for orders), and the steps to correctly calculate what I can buy/sell. I’ve found the values ‘price_increment’ and ‘min_order_size’ but they are not always available, I don’t know what it means !