Historic Tick by tick data

Hi guy,

I am looking for a script that can download all the ticks for some symbol.
I an not interested in candle sticks, rather than the entire tick data. In python.

I couldn’t find an example for this anywhere.

Thanks you

Hi Erez,
to get tick data you have to options ( depends on your account type)
if you have a funded account, you can use the polygon API (https://polygon.io/docs/#get_v2_ticks_stocks_nbbo__ticker___date__anchor)

if you don’t have a funded account, you can’t get historic quotes. what you can do is start a streamer and start receiving tick data from now and then store them locally. you can do it with the free alpaca data service (check this readme to learn how: https://github.com/alpacahq/alpaca-trade-api-python)

Hi Shlomi,
Thanks for your answer.
But I am not sure still how this can be done - can you direct me to some example?

which solution do you want?
each has a different approach (the first solution, you need a paid account)

I have a paid account

so you could do this:

api = tradeapi.REST(key_id=ALPACA_API_KEY,
quotes = api.polygon.historic_quotes_v2("AAPL", "2020-08-05")

Is there a way to specify the time - minute/seconds for which it will start the data grab from? for eaxmple ‘2020-08-05 09:46:28’ I would like my data to begin at 9:46 but it always starts at 4 am

I am not 100%, but I believe epoch time in nanoseconds might work (something like ‘15477876089991258’) in the date field.

when I grab tick trade data, from polygon. I can get the 50k ticks but that ends at 10-11 am and I need the next 50k ticks until there is nothing left or end of day! does anyone know how i can do that?


The above string shows a segment of the API URL you will need to use. Both startTime1 and endTime1 are in epoch (nanosecond)

Create a while loop where results = 50000. At the tail end of this while loop, adjust your startTime1 to be the last results’ timestamp - do a request again.

When you’re out of the above loop, you know you are in your last ‘batch’ of results.

Hope that helps.

lol, I cam here for a quick dirty way to pick and chose the data I want out of the JSON format. Looks Like I have to do some work!