Support for reversing positions

It would be much more easier to have a reverse position api, instead of closing the position, and buying/selling the other position.


Yes, this would be a good feature to have considering right now we can’t place 2 order types to close then open the opposite side. e.g. have 10 short positions, send 2 separate order to buy 10 positions (can’t even send an order to buy 20 I don’t think), The second order gets denied because of insufficient shares.


Really need this feature. Placing two back to back reversing orders causes too much slippage, especially when the API many times delays sending fill confirmation of the first order.


Cannot overstate how important this feature is. Really holds back automated strategy building and options, especially when having to use intermediary website to activate automated trading and/or using TradingView.

Upvote API reversal!

Is this going to fix any time soon?? This problem is a big issue for algorithm trading.