🟥 Fractional Shorting + Sub Accounts Badly Needed!

Hi, I am a full time trader.

I, and many other colleagues, require multiple sub accounts to run our various strategies and have proper capital allocation.

Major exchanges like Interactive Brokers, KuCoin, etc etc all have the ability to create sub accounts to manage our securities.

Each with their own API.

Please, it is a very crucial feature and we find it extremely frustrating your system lacks that.

Also the ability to short at a fractional amount. Also concerning, other brokers have accomplished it. Please figure this one out! Where there is a will, there is a way!!

Thank you so much, these are the only two features your amazing platform is missing, it would go from great to perfect if you can please punctually implement these two critical features. :pray:t2:

“Sub Accounts” and “Fractional Shorting”.